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WhatsApp Adds New Options to Disappearing Messages

Now vanishing message on WhatsApp just have one span choice

Disappear Message

WhatsApp introduce disappearing message option last year (2020), that allow user that they can set timer on texts. Once the set time is up, the message disappear automatically without leaving a copy, just screenshot is the way to copy.

WhatsApp introduce this option after changing their “Terms & Condition”, which were not liked by most of the peoples. The main concept behind disappearing message is realizing that the discussion isn’t being recorded and put away some place for eternity.

WhatsApp delivered its disappearing message back in November 2020, and the duration of this option was by default set to 7 days, now there are two other options 24 hours and 90 days as well.

If once you turn on this feature, there is a message displayed which informed the participant about the choice made that how the chat is going to proceed.You can easily turn on or off this option from settings.

6 Thins you need to know about WhatsApp’s disappearing message

WhatsApp disappearing message
What You Need to Know
  1. Once you turned on disappearing message feature of any chat, it will only effect the chat happening post that older chat will not be effected.
  2. In group chat this ability is available for all users to turn on disappearing message, but the admin can change this setting to allow only admins.
  3. If the user does not check his message in 24 hours, 7 days or in 90 days time period , then the message will disappear as schedule, and might be preview visible in notification until the app is opened.
  4. If anyone create backup just before disappearing message, the disappearing message will include in backup and later will be deleted from backup when user restore backup.
  5. Assuming you answerer to a disappearing message, the quoted message may stay in talk even the time is up.
  6. You can forward disappearing message to someone before disappearing, or you may take screenshot to copy as record.

How to turn on WhatsApp disappearing message:

Go to settings, now click on Account option, from there you have to select privacy, and then click on ‘Default‘ message timer and pick a duration which you have to set.

Note: If above options will not appear in your WhatsApp then update your WhatsApp version, might be you are using older version.
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