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What is SMS Marketing?

Every business needs a way to increase their sale and maximize its profit
It’s the basic of economics and every modern business want to spend less on marketing so they can save more, business that spend more than $1out of every $10. It earns on marketing, it make sense to look affordable SMS marketing in this 2022.

SMS marketing is one such financially savvy technique, SMS marketing is a technique you may have to consider for your business promotion, you may have use text message to speak with loved ones preceding, how might you use those some text message for business to speak with your clients?

you can utilize it to thank your clients offer buy to publicity them for new store that opened in their area. You should know its intricate details prior to taking a stab and  losing clients a opposed to creating deals.

SMS Marketing:

SMS(short message service) is a messaging convention to send and get instant message on cell phones.
As per the world bank, there are 109 active mobile subscriptions for every 100 individuals, it gives a sufficient gauge that nearly everybody possesses cell phone and shows the capability of sms promoting, So its nothing unrespecting that even back in January 2020, preceding COVID-19 overturned the manners by which organization connect with clients, the greater part of US retailers wanted to build their advanced advertising interest in informing and SMS.

By June 2020, that number had expanded to 56% out classing same other region for likely venture. According to survey conducted starting in 2021, average mobile users in united states spends five to six hours on their phones on daily basis.

Way to use SMS Marketing!

Business can set up correspondence over instant message with their clients

Common type of SMS campaigns are:

  • Personalized promotion
  • Offers and discounts
  • remarking
  • surveys
  • Product promotions
  • Events updates
  • Sending Appointment reminders
  • Shipment confirmation

Types of SMS Marketing

Picture represents different Types of Tea
  • Short code SMS
  • Branded SMS
  • Non branded SMS

Above are most commonly use of SMS marketing types which are used by different business category wise.

Short SMS Code

In short code SMS, text messages send via short code like 9301, 3192 or something whatever you select while choosing your complain type. Most of the bank uses this short code SMS service to update their customers about their bank accounts,

Branded SMS Marketing

In branded SMS marketing, text messages send with company brand name instead of short code, brand name should be in 11 characters, it would be any name which will approve from Tele communication authority, This service mostly use for business promotion and update of products to customers.

Non Branded SMS Marketing

It is same as branded SMS but in this service brand name not use text message send with random mobile number, Mostly people use non branded SMS service because this service is cheap in price as compare to above mentioned both.

8 Benefits of SMS Marketing

8 Benefits

SMS marketing has several advantages that set apart from other marketing’s,

  1. Higher open rates
  2. Flexibility
  3. Low cost compared to high (ROI)
  4. Fast delivery
  5. Target audience
  6. Straight to the point
  7. Built new customer
  8. Time Management

Higher Open Rate

One of the top benefits of SMS marketing is SMS have higher open rates 98% message sent are opened, 95% text messages are read and respond to within three minute in the USA.

Speed and Flexibility:    

Organization can utilize SMS administration to report a continues deal give mark down coupons, offers or illuminate clients about another store that has opened close by.
Its speed is different from other marketing like in email and digital marketing requires a smartphone or computer along internet connection, a text message require a cell phone and a cellular connection.

Low Cost Compared To High (RIO):

SMS Marketing cost is low according to other marketing tools, Business just starting and looking for cost- effective marketing will see it advantageous mythology with its agreeable estimating. If you think about other forms of advertising, newspaper ads, TV commercial, any form of outdoor advertising, the cost involved are enormous

Fast Delivery:    

SMS promoting has for all intents and purposes zero lead-time, permitting correspondence to be made and conveyed to the interest group inside merely minute.

Target Audience:   

In SMS marketing you can target your audience city wise, area wise and gender wise, without target your audience marketing complain is not beneficial to you because everyone is not interested in your business or product so if you target your complain then response rate would be higher.

Straight to the Point:

In SMS marketing you have limit of 160 character so you have to write message to the point and clear so customer will understand what’s actually you want to offer them.

Built New Customer:

In SMS marketing campaigns you can build more new customers, as you get more customers it means you will get more sale. In SMS complain every message sent to unique number which increase the possibility of new customer.

Time Management:

Everybody knows that ‘’Time is Money’’ with SMS marketing you will save a great deal of time, permitting you too focus on different area of business. With the scheduling component of SMS you can simply arrange your campaigns lobbies for a later date, as it allows you manage your time efficiently.

How to do SMS Marketing

There are lots of companies which offer you SMS marketing service, everybody offer same kind of service charges vary according to company because every company has their own SMS gateway. Some service provider charge higher because database which is used in SMS marketing is categorized through you can easily target your required audience.

Famous SMS service Provider


At the end we find that SMS marketing is more efficient, cheap and fast way to promote business you’re running and new business, it does not matter business small or big anybody can take advantage from campaigns according to their need and budget.
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