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Smokey Eye Makeup

Eye makeup has the power to change your appearance from average to outstanding.The smokey eye makeup is one of the most dramatic makeup styles out there. But what exactly is smokey eye makeup? How do you get it? How do you know if it’s right for you? We’ll answer all these questions, plus more, in this guide on how to do smokey eye makeup!

What is the definition of smoky eye makeup?

Now that you know what is smokey eye makeup, you are ready to learn how it is done. There are many different shades of eyeshadow that can be used. You should choose a color palette depending on your eye color and desired look. To get started, simply draw a large v shape from corner of your eye, down past your cheekbone and toward your earlobe. Follow up by applying dark brown or black eyeshadow in a straight line directly below where you created the v shape and blend for added depth.

The different types of smoky eyes

There are two different main types of smoky eyes. The first is when you apply dark shadow on top of your eyelid and underneath your bottom lash line for a more dramatic look. This can also be called a dramatic smoky eye. The second type is softer, with just some black or brown eyeliner used on both your upper and lower lash lines with maybe some dark eyeshadow on just one side of your lid for contrast. This one’s called an everyday smoky eye or a soft smokey eye. Of course, there are lots of variations in between those two as well.

The key elements to creating a smoky eye look

Smokey eye

. Then apply an eye shadow primer that will help keep everything in place throughout your workday (and make sure you can easily get it off when you’re ready for bed). Next, choose two shades of brown or black eyeshadow: something light and shimmery (like champagne) and something matte and dark (like coffee). Apply a base layer of light color on top of your eyelid; blend with a fluffy brush so there’s no demarcation line between colors. Next, apply a medium shade on your lid—this will add depth and definition, making you look like you had a makeover without even getting out of bed.

Step by step tutorial on how to apply it

It’s not hard to figure out how to apply smokey eye makeup, but it’s also not easy! It takes a little practice (and a good blending brush) to perfect that smoky look, but we can help you get started. With our step-by-step instructions and expert tips on how to apply smokey eye makeup, you’ll be set in no time. First, you want your eye shadow color selection — there are many different colors and tones that can work for a smokey eye. A lot of people go with brown or dark grey as their base color.

The Best Products for Perfect Smokey Eyes

The key to getting a smoky eye right is blending. The smokier your eyes look, the more layers you’ll want to work on them. To start, you’ll want an eyeshadow primer: This will ensure that your makeup stays in place all day, and will keep even powder-based shadow from falling into creases or running out onto other areas of your face once it’s applied.

5 Types Of Smokey Eye Makeup You Should Try

Classic Black Smokey Eyes.
Warm Brown Smokey Eyes.
The Smudged Smokey Eyes Look.
Unicorn Smokey Eyes.
Glittery Smokey Eyes.

Classic Black Smokey Eyes.

To create a classic black smokey eye, first prep your eyes with primer, then apply a neutral shade of eye shadow all over your lid up to your brow bone. Next, using an eyeliner brush, dab a bit of dark shadow (black or brown) on your lower lash line and smudge it with your finger for a softer look. Finish off by applying mascara and false lashes for extra drama.

Warm Brown Smokey Eyes

A smoky eye is a fabulous makeup look for those who want to be sexy and mysterious. It’s also a great way to glam up your usual daytime eye shadow look. The smoky eye is one of those classic looks that women will want to learn, especially if they wear black or colored mascara on a regular basis. Learning how to apply smoky eyes is not as difficult as it seems and here are tips on how you can pull off that sexy, mysterious look.

The Smudged Smokey Eyes Look.

By using several shades of blue and brown eyeliner, you can create a smokey eye look that will leave anyone speechless.

Unicorn Smokey Eyes.

Everyone is doing it. You should, too. That’s right. The big trend at the moment (and for a few seasons to come) is: smokey eyes. There are lots of techniques for achieving that perfect smokey eye look; in fact, there are more tutorials on how to get it right than you can count! So why not learn them all?

Glittery Smokey Eyes.

There are some nights when you just want to look like a sparkly goddess, and when those nights come along, grab your favorite glitter eye shadow and make your eyes stand out. Smoky eyes are more than just adding eyeliner on top of your regular makeup; it’s about highlighting what makes your eyes special. To get that perfect smokey-eye look that all of Hollywood is adoring, follow these simple steps.


This makeup style is a favorite of many women. It allows them to create a dramatic look in an easy way. All it takes is for you to apply your regular eye shadow in darker colors around your eyes. The great thing about doing smokey eye makeup is that you don’t need any other type of special equipment. All you have to do is take dark brown or black eye shadow. Then apply it all over your eyelid, extending it out toward your temples and under your eyebrows.

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