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How to write your first Blog Post?

That’s sounds great that you finally decided to start your first blog.

A blog is any article, news, or guide that is publish in the blog section of a website. It can be in a form of text, image or in info graphic form. If it’s available in text form and it would be in 500 to 5000 words but mostly 600 to 2000 words used for good article.
So write your first Blog Post

What a blog post?

Everyone wants a life where he want where he want that nobody will tell him/her what to do, how to do and when to do. That’s freedom we all want, right? And the truth is that just blogging can provide us such freedoms. To get start, focus on your goal, niche, your audience to whom you want to target, and what you want to offer to readers and customer.

How to start writing your first Blog Post?

Start writing

As a blogger, here is something which you must have to mention in your first blog post.

*Who are you?
*Why are you writing blog?
* What are you going to blogging about?

Now you just jumped in the world which is online 24/7/365. Here you have to prove yourself, if I am supposed to trust you and book mark your blog, and then I should know who you are.
The more you tell about yourself, the more peruse will become accustomed to you and need to hear what you need to hear what you need to say.

Why you are blogging?

why people blog

One of the most important point. If you need that people will trust you they should have to know what are you doing and why are you doing? One thing you should do while responding to this inquiry is to remember your crowd.
Ask yourself:

  • For what reason would someone go to my blog?
  • What mighty they are searching for?
  • How this might benefits my users. Tell your crowd why you are there; they will see the value in it.

What are you going to blogging about?

This is almost similar to second question. If once you answer that one, then this will become easier to answer. Let your crowd knows what they should expect on your blog. Tell them precisely what they will see each opportunity they go to your site. Better to inform about your blog schedule if you have set.

Edit Grammar and Content

keep in mind nothing spells amateur to a blog reader quicker than imprudent mistakes and egregious blunders. The simplicity of writing for a blog takes into account content to be rapidly and effectively shared, yet you will lose credibility and site hits assuming you overlook throw (re) writing step.

Add Image Graphics

Thinking about the blog post without photo is like having a baby without getting married Image are often what attract readers to your part in the first place, what more they provide them with a thought of what you will prose in your post.

Time to hit publish

Just before hitting that distribute button remember whether you will post one time each day or one time per week, it’s vital to focus on a customary, reliable distributing plan.

Call to Action/Conclusion

Writing a blog is one of those positions that appear to be simple until you need to do it. Luckily, it get simpler and with the time and practice, you will blog like an expert right away.

Practice makes man perfect.
Now take out your pen, go forward and blog like a boss.

Like a boss

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