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Fox Eye Makeup

The fox eye makeup look isn’t new, but it has become more and more popular as the years have gone by. This look involves heavy, smoky eyes that are incredibly striking when done correctly. If you are curious about this trend or would like to start incorporating it into your own makeup routine, read on to find out everything you need to know about fox eye makeup!

Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial

You’ve heard of cat eye makeup, but have you heard of fox eye makeup? While it sounds dramatic and difficult to pull off, fox eye makeup actually makes a bold statement. Like a true diva, it’s an attention grabber. But what does fox eye makeup look like? Fox eyes are very defined and different from cat eyes. It’s a great look for wearing on your next night out. It’s also fun to wear just to have something different than your usual everyday routine.

Fox Eye Tips and Tricks

If you want to learn how to get fox eyes, there are a couple of different ways that you can go about it. The first and easiest way is to use makeup, however it will take a lot of time and trial and error before you get what you’re looking for. If you would rather do it naturally though, then I have a few tips for you as well. One word of caution, though: since everyone has their own unique eye structure and coloration (even within their race) it’s hard to give specific instructions that will work with everybody. Generally speaking though, these following tips should be helpful in getting those fox eyes that you want without having to resort to makeup! Hope they help! 🙂

Best Kits for Fox Eye

There are several kits available that have everything you need to fox eye makeup, they come in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose a kit based on color or even one that has an all-inclusive set, depending on your needs. A lot of kits also contain application tools like brushes, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing those separately. This can be especially convenient if you aren’t comfortable using your own brushes. There are some kits which are ready-to-use right out of the box and others which require a bit more mixing and mashing.

Best Ways to Apply Foxy Eyes

There are several ways to apply foxy eyes. The method depends on what look you want to achieve. Many women choose a regular eyeliner and apply it with their preferred way of applying eyeliner. Other women go for eye shadow that gives a smokey look, but if you are going for fox eyes, then choose colors such as black or dark grey. Another option could be using Kajal or Kohl pencil which is sold in India and other parts of Asia. This can also give you an Indian look if smudged well. But since it is not readily available in most Western countries, these tips will be valid for regular eyeliners as well as smoky eye shadows when applied properly.

History of Foxy Eyes

It’s a fairly new technique that came into existence some 20 years ago. The process of creating fox eyes was patented by an American company in 1992, and they even had to fight a case against Maybelline to retain their exclusive rights on it. (The case was won.) Today, most people are familiar with foxy eyes thanks to its extremely popular portrayal in Bollywood movies and fashion shows; it’s been around long enough for people to recognize what they are seeing immediately. You’ve probably seen girls playing around with it by now too—after all, how fun is it? Your beauty consultant can help you create your own set of fox eyes at your next party!

5 Simple Steps to Get Foxy Eye

  1. When applying eye shadow, use a shimmery color (in a color that matches your skin tone) and apply it from lash line to brow. 2. Apply a darker shade of eye shadow (use a darker tone, not black or gray) in your crease and under eyes. 3. Apply a dark liner in your waterline with an angled brush to make your eyes appear larger and brighter. 4. Finish off with two coats of mascara, as well as false lashes for added length and volume if desired, for a voluminous look! 5. Apply cheek tint using an angled brush to add dimension so you don’t look flat on camera. 6. Lastly, blend everything out with powder to get rid of any harsh lines or unevenness!

Step 1: Transition shade

Apply a transition shade to define your crease. A transition shade is one that’s slightly darker than your skin tone—but not so dark that it appears black in light. Don’t worry about creating depth and dimension just yet, says Eshram-Aydin. Just concentrate on definition. To create definition, use a stiff-bristled brush (try MAC’s 239 eye shader brush) to pack on color along your upper crease and into your lower lash line. If you use too much product, you’ll only be able to blend out so much; and if you don’t use enough, there won’t be any visible definition, explains Eshram-Aydin.

Step 2: Add some shimmer

To create an intense cat eye, use a matte beige eyeshadow and apply to your upper lid. Then use a shimmery champagne color and sweep it across your entire eyelid, from lash line to brow bone. Apply that color with an eye shadow brush in short back-and-forth strokes; it’s easier than it looks! Next, take a small angled brush or a sharpened pencil and trace along your lash line (or follow the shape of a liquid liner). Start at the inner corner of your eye—where you want the thickest flick to begin—and drag down toward your outer corner. This step is all about precision, so be sure not to go too far past where you want your winged liner to end!

Step 3: Apply Eyeliner

A basic eye-liner is as easy as drawing a straight line from your inner eyelid to your brow. Choose a color that complements you, or works with an existing eye color, and apply it with ease. If you’re having trouble, check out YouTube for tutorials or have a friend help you! You can always practice on them! 😉 If you’re going for something unique, such as fox eyeshadow (seen below), then you’ll want to start by creating two diagonal lines right below your tear ducts; it’s usually easiest to use an angled brush for this. From there, add some creative touches of shimmer and blend until your desired look comes together.

Step 4: Set Eyebrows Apply Mascara and lashes

The fox in fox eye makeup refers to your eyebrows, and most Western societies consider thicker eyebrows to be more attractive. It’s almost like having eyelashes on your face—your eyebrows are critical when it comes to framing your eyes and making them pop. That said, don’t overdo it. More isn’t always better here; you want your brows to be strong but still feminine.

Step 5: Set the edges by cleaning them

Let your makeup set for 15 minutes. If you don’t have time to wait, gently brush over your eyeliner with a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover until it runs smoothly. Avoid pulling on your lid with a dry cotton swab. This can irritate it, leaving you prone to infection. And if you like an even more precise line, use a liquid eyeliner pen or pencil instead of gel liner . However, be prepared for messier removal—you may need to scrub at it a bit before it comes off completely. You should clean up any spillover with eye shadow remover or baby oil—again using a cotton swab and being careful not to get any into your eyes themselves; that stings!

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