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Brown Eye Makeup

Brown eyes are definitely unique and pretty, but can sometimes be very tricky to work with. It’s so easy to end up with a look that’s almost black, or one that completely clashes with your eye color! Here are some great tips on how to do brown eye makeup so that you end up with an awesome look every time.

Brown Eyes

  1. Find your natural eyebrow color. Pick up a pencil eyeliner or eyeshadow that matches it exactly and trace them lightly.
  2. Darken your crease with a dark brown or black color eyeshadow.
  3. Fill in your eyebrows with a matching shade of pencil liner or brow powder, making sure to keep them neatly trimmed and shaped throughout application so you don’t end up looking like Groucho Marx!
  4. Brush some black mascara on top and bottom lashes, be sure to coat all of your eyelashes (even those hard-to-reach ones) to get great volume and length!
  5. Add some face powder in any areas you may feel oily, such as forehead, nose, chin and cheeks for extra coverage (this is optional).

Emphasize Other Features

A good way to accessorize brown eyes is to avoid wearing a color on your lids that contrasts heavily with your natural eye color. Instead, wear colors in similar tones or complementary colors that bring out other features like dark hair or cheekbones. For example, gold and copper tones flatter hazel and amber-colored eyes and light shades of gray or silver complement blue eyes nicely. You can also draw attention to your other great features by playing up certain parts of your face with darker or bolder shades. If you have naturally darker hair, for example, you can balance out a pair of bright eyes by adding more definition with shadow along your lash line and brow bone.


In general, it is a good idea to steer clear of overly bold colors and patterns. These shades can make your face appear harder than it really is, so opt for more natural tones such as ivory or a muted brown instead. Go easy on black mascara—many women don’t realize how harsh they look in black—and go with more natural shades such as honey or dark brown instead. Don’t be afraid to get creative with lighter eye makeup—muted gray eyeliner can give your eyes an amazing sparkle.


Black is always a good color to use when looking for mascara. It’s a natural color and can match any hair color or outfit choice. Plus, it works well with every eye color. Brown mascaras are also available and may be better if you have blue eyes as they will help define your eyes while still making them stand out in pictures. This product can be added with falsies, false eyelashes that curl at the end, or just on its own to create thickness and length in your lashes. If you choose to use both black and brown mascara together try not to wear too much of either on their own or you risk looking like you’re wearing fake eyelashes for an event, which isn’t what you want.


Making an eyeshadow purchase is like buying a car. Don’t just pick one—test drive it first! Try on different shades, then ask yourself how they complement your eye color and skin tone. A general rule of thumb: If you have light eyes, play up their color with a dark-colored shadow that’s not too glittery or shiny. Also, consider wearing a lighter shade on your eyelid to make your eye color pop and give your whole face a brighter appearance. Conversely, if you have dark eyes (or wear sunglasses), choose darker colors that will stand out against them—but still complement their hue.


Apply blush to your cheeks to give them a natural color and highlight your facial features. It’s best to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Go for pink tones if you have fair skin, as it’ll complement a pale complexion better than red tones will. If you have dark skin, choose shades of coral or peach rather than pinks, as they’ll enhance and add warmth to darker complexions.


Brown is another great choice for your eyeliner. It has a more natural appearance, which makes it easy to do your makeup in a rush or when you’re traveling, as opposed to bringing along three different liners and a brush. Brown also works well with green eyes and red hair. Here’s how to apply brown eyeliner

The Perfect Look

A professional makeup artist once told me that one of her tricks for getting clients to look their best is to first determine what’s most eye-catching about them, and then making that stand out even more. If you have deep brown eyes and pale skin, go with a warmer palette on your lids—think rich chocolate browns, bronzes and plums. Consider using lighter neutrals like taupe as an accent color on your brow bone. And don’t forget a dark liner under your bottom lashes to open up your eyes and make them stand out even more. For those with light brown eyes, try burgundy eye shadow in place of black or navy—it will really make a statement while still remaining neutral enough not to overpower other aspects of your look.

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